Sweet Success

music: “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap


Last Thursday when I got home from classes, there was something waiting for me…

Sure I was the one who ordered it, and I knew it was coming, but it was still exciting!  Ok, so shipping ice cream from Ohio to NJ isn’t exactly going local, especially when there are plenty of great local ice cream places around here, but after seeing this on the Food Network a few weeks ago, I really wanted to try it.

The ice cream is from this place called Jenni’s in Ohio.  Part of the reason I wanted to try it so much was because all their milk and cream is locally sourced from grass-fed Ohio cows.  They are known for their unique and interesting flavors, which is how they got highlighted on the show Best Thing I Ever Ate, for their Queen City Cayenne.

I, of course, wanted to try every flavor, but it was a little pricey, and having too much ice cream in the freezer is often a recipe for diaster.  So here are the flavors I got:

Queen City Cayenne

Salty Caramel

Black Coffee

Sweet Corn and Blackberries



After trying each flavor, my favorite was definately SALTY CARAMEL!  I also really liked the Queen City Cayanne, which is strange because normally I hate chocolate ice cream!  My whole life I’ve eaten the chocolate side of ice cream cakes first, just to get it out of the way.  Anyway, the Queen City Cayanne had a really strange, but delicious spicy kick to it.


Then, as I was sitting eating my bowl of Salty Caramel, watching the Food Network, naturally, Jenni’s was highlighted on the Food Network again!  Salty Caramel was ranked number 6 on the Best Desserts in America by the Food Network, which I found absolutely amazing since I was sitting there eating a bowl!

It’s a delicious form of the sweet/salty combination and I would recommend it next time you find yourself in Ohio!


5 responses to “Sweet Success

  1. I REALLY wanted to try the ice cream from this place! I was drooooooling when I saw it on the Food Network! Glad to hear its as good as it looks…maybe I’ll take the hit to the wallet and order some myself.

  2. Salted Caramel must be a new culinary trend these days! Homemade caramel squares with sea salt was offered in a petit four dessert at Xavier’s in Piermont. Starbuck’s also introduced a new coffee flavor called Salted Caramel!

    • The other day I saw starbucks had a Salted Caramel hot chocolate, but I wasn’t feeling like taking a risk, so I just went with the traditional version…but it sounds awesome!!

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