Holy Cow…

music: “Furr” by Blitzen Trapper

I’m a little behind in my postings.  This is actually about a day two weeks ago, but it was so wonderful, the post is better late than never.

Two weeks ago, my mom and I went on a tour of Bellvale Farms.  It is a farm that houses a large dairy with lots and lots of cows!  It has been continually producing milk for over 150 years!

They opened their farm to the public and allowed you to go on tours of their corn fields and dairy barns.  They also had a couple of fun things going on, like a name the calf contest for the baby above.  Too bad I didn’t win, the prize was an ice cream party supplied with ice cream from their creamery, but more on that later…

We got to walk around and see many of the cows.

Inside the milking barn…

Fresh Local Milk.

I was so driven to try to get a picture of this cow at the end of the line inside the milking barn.  My determination could have been from trying to get something good out of getting pooped on.  Yes, while walking through the barn, one cow chose to relieve herself, and I was within the splatter range.

We got to walk around probably on maybe 5 acres, which all seemed so beautiful and spacious.  In actuality, the family owns 450 acres of farm land in the area!

Feed silos.

After we toured the upper farm, where the milking takes place, we took a trip down to the lower farm, where  corn is grown for additional feed for the cows.

Corn stalk stuck in the door…I thought this was amusing.

The cows are grass fed in addition to some supplementation from the corn that is grown on the farm.

This calf was born the morning that we were taking a tour of the farm.  For being less than a day old, it’s so big!

Pregnant cow, she was supposed to give birth later that day.

After we finished taking the tour of the farm, we went to enjoy some of their HOMEMADE ice cream at their creamery on top of the mountain.  So many things make this ice cream amazing, the fact that all of the dairy comes from right down the hill, that the cows live a happy life, all the additional ingredients are natural, the waffle cones are freshly made so they are always hot, the view is beautiful, and well it just tastes good!  We weren’t the only people who decided to get some ice cream…

I’ve never been to the creamery and been able to just walk right in without waiting on line, but this seemed excessive.


for fresh, local ice cream…

it is definitely…

worth the wait!!

Bellvale Farms


One response to “Holy Cow…

  1. So its great to see the pictures.. How I would love to be a cow. Well for a least one day in Sept. when the sun is shining and the breeze is coming over the hills.. Yes I want to be a cow…

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