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More Peas Please…



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I feel really sad every time I think of this blog.  I wanted for so long to write a blog about eating healthy, fresh, and local food.  And finally, I actually got around to doing it, only to leave it behind when things got crazy!  The nice thing though is, this is how I normally strive eat, all of the time, so now that I have a little extra time to myself, I can start posting again!

I have been so glad that summer is here with tons and tons of fresh local produce! This past weekend I bought some really sweet fresh peas!  I have been wanting to try this recipe from one of Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks for months and with fresh peas finally available, I was able to!  And it was delicious!

I did make some changes to the pea recipe and added some spicy shrimp on the side.

Fresh Smashed Peas with Buffalo Mozzarella and Red Chili Shrimp

For the smashed peas…

1 1/2 pounds fresh peas in their pods

1 pound fresh fava beans in their pods

small bunch of freshly picked mint

sea salt

freshly ground pepper

extra virgin olive oil

1.5 ounces pecorino cheese

juice of 1 lemon

4 slices sour dough bread

1 clove garlic, cut in half

2 large balls of buffalo mozzarella cheese, torn in half

handful of pea shoots


Shell the peas and the fava beans and place in separate bowls.

Using a pestle and mortar (or pulsing in a food processor) mash up half the mint leaves with the peas and a pinch of salt.  Add the fava beans and crush into a thick green paste.

Mash in extra virgin olive oil to make the paste spreadable (about one to two tablespoons).  Next stir in the pecorino cheese.

Add the lemon juice.

Season with more salt,  pepper, or mint if needed.

Toast the bread and rub each slice with the cut side of the garlic.  Top with the smashed peas, torn mozzarella, pea shoots, and a fresh mint leaf.

For the Red Chili Shrimp…

2 pounds of shrimp, cleaned and peeled.

extra-virgin olive oil

2 shallots, chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 tablespoon red chili flakes (or less for a milder shrimp)

1 cup white wine

Heat the olive oil in a medium skillet.  Add the onions and cook until translucent.  Next add the garlic and red chili flakes and cook thirty seconds longer.  Add the shrimp and cook for about two minutes.   Next add the white wine and continue cooking until shrimp are cooked through.